Welcome on PrestaCMS developer guide.

This will show you how to code with PrestaCMS.

If you are an end user or a designer, you should check User guide and Theming guide.


Installation section will explain you how to set-up a project with PrestaCMSCoreBundle, getting the code, configuration…

For a working example you can have a look at PrestaCMS Sandbox which is the demo project of PrestaCMS.

Getting started

For a first step inside PrestaCMS Getting started section will show you all the main features and concepts.

Block System

PrestaCMS content is managed with a block structure.

The main part of the development will be to build custom block to fit your needs.

So learning how to make custom block which is really an important topic.

Working with models

For a professional website, you will quickly need to go a step further and add other kind of thing like :

  • media
  • description of a product entity
  • picture of a user in a comment block

So you need a way to link your block to your custom models.


As every CMS site is about “content”, building your site structure is really important.

Making fixtures section will show you how to set-up.

Page types

PrestaCMS has been made to be extensible.

As people may want to find other way to administrate their content, we set up a page type system.

Extending PrestaCMS

This section list every possible way to easily extend and customize your PrestaCMS application.

Useful documentation

PrestaCMS use different great projects.

If you want to master your PrestaCMS application, you really need to check those great tools documentation.

→ Let’s continue with User guide and Theming guide.

Want do contribute ? Just fork and edit it!