Complex projects can require to create custom controllers. This can be useful for a private action for example.

Create a custom controller

Like in a standard Symfony2 application you will have to create a controller, an action and a route.

To ease all the PrestaCMS initialisation, your controller should extend Presta\CMSCoreBundle\Controller\AbstractController and render the response with the renderResponse method.

Your action template should extend your theme layout, this is done by using the base_template variable like this :

{% extends base_template %}


If you want to have a working example using custom controller, you should have a look at PrestaCMSUserBundle which use it for the user account part.

At the end of this section you already now a lot of way to customize your project with PrestaCMS.

→ But there is even more, let’s continue with Extending PrestaCMS.

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