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PrestaCMSContactBundle adds contact form in PrestaCMS.

For a ready to use demonstration of PrestaCMS you should check the prestacms-sandbox available on github. A basic contact form is available on the “About” page.

This bundle is multiple database layer ready.

Feel free to use it, extend it or take it as an example for your own block.





Customize it for your project needs

This bundle has been made to be extensible, nearly everything can be overridden.

  • Every classes in the DI are called with parameters : model, blocks, form, strategies…
  • You can override blocks templates
  • You can create new strategies to handle form submission

Ask for help

If you need help about this project, you can post a message on our google group

How to contribute

The best way to contribute is to use Github Pull Request system. Any contributions like translation, documentation, bug reporting…

Want do contribute ? Just fork and edit it!