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The goal of this bundle is to integrate CKEditor in PrestaCMS with SonataMedia and internal page links.


PrestaCMSCKEditorBundle require : - PrestaComposerPublicBundle (documentation) to provide CKEditor integration. - CoopTilleulsCKEditorSonataMediaBundle (documentation) that override default media integration.


Get the code

The easiest way is to use composer :

php composer.phar require presta/cms-ckeditor-bundle --no-update
php composer.phar update presta/cms-ckeditor-bundle

Update your Kernel

class AppKernel extends Kernel
    public function registerBundles()
        $bundles = array(
            new Presta\CMSCKEditorBundle\PrestaCMSCKEditorBundle()


Now, PrestaCMS block edit looks like :

PrestaCMSCKEditorBundle preview

Left red highlighted button provides internal links to PrestaCMS pages.

Right one is media integration, overrided by CoopTilleulsCKEditorSonataMediaBundle to add SonataMediaBundle integration.


If you need special CKeditor configuration, just override bundle template Presta\CMSCKEditorBundle\Resources\views\include\layout.html.twig


PrestaCMSCKEditorBundle use PrestaComposerPublicBundle to integrate CKEditor in PrestaCMS with SonataMedia and page links.

For a ready to use demonstration of those bundle you should check the prestacms-sandbox available on github.

Sandbox is also deployed for a live demonstration :

How to get help and support

If you need help on one of our bundle, please register to our google group and ask you question. You can open issues on github too.

Want do contribute ? Just fork and edit it!